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Labeling machines HOT-MELT - Albela HM

Automatic equipment for application of wraparound labels onto cylindrical containers using „HOT-MELT“ glue.

Rotary labeling machine Albela HM applies wraparound labels from precut paper or plastic material onto cylindrical containers from glass, plastic or tin cans. Speed range is 2 000 – 20 000 containers per hour.

Labelling machines Albela HM score in terms of execution quality, high operation reliability and easy operation.

Labelling machine ALBELA HM uses a system of multispot spraying of hot glue on a bottle directly before it gets in contact with a label inserted in a label magazine. When the bottle gets in contact with the label, the label is pulled out from the labels magazine due to high tackiness of hot glue. A glue strip is simultaneously applied at the label end from a glue lath. Labelling cycle ends, when bottles pass through a brushing station, where labels are smoothed on the bottles.

Precise bottle guiding through the machine and the used labelling method offer maximum labelling accuracy also for plastic bottles filled with still products. The use of multispot spraying at the label beginning and the application of a vertical strip of hot glue at the label end ensure low glue consumption. The execution of the machine allows for filling in labels and glue during the operation without any downtimes.

Machine design allows for minimum demand on adjustment when changing to a different format of a bottle and a label. The distance of the infeed worm from the axis of the conveyor is adjustable, allowing the infeed worm to be used for more bottle sizes and thus minimizing the costs of format parts.

Standard machine execution includes:

- automatic machine control

- machine output regulated according to supply of bottles in front and behind the machine

- machine output adjusted with a frequency converter

- operational state signalled on the control panel of the machine

- operation buttons installed from both sides of the control panel allowing easy access for the operators

- easy setting of movable parts thanks to numeric indicators and fixed rulers

- machine height adjusted from the control panel using an electromotor


- machine can be optionally equipped for integration into a superior control system used in the customer’s company, allowing data archiving, remote troubleshooting etc.

- device for inspection of presence of labels and their correctness (inspection of EAN codes)

Basic technical parameters:



HM 6


HM 8


HM 12


HM 16

Output ( bottles per hour )





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