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Rotary Level Bottle Fillers PETAL


Rotary Level Bottle Fillers PETAL

The equipment for the level filling of non-carbonated beverages and other low viscosity products into 3 – 8 l PET containers.

Is a robust machine with a twin chamber filling system intended for the level filling of non-carbonated beverages and other low viscosity products to big 3 – 8 l PET containers. The fully automated control and simple machine attendance provides the high efficiency running of the machine. The fillers are designed within the output from 500 to 10,000 bottles per hour.

The construction of the machine takes into account enhanced requirements for the big volume PET bottles filling. Bottles are handled into the machine either by means of air conveyors or using adjustable (by height) belt conveyors. During transportation through the machine the PET containers are fixed on the neck and on the middle of the container by a changable starwheel. There is an adjustable (by height) belt conveyor on the outlet of the filler. The machine is protected by means of a skidding clutch and safety electronic modules.

Design options

The fillers are produced as independent machines or in monoblock with the other units in following versions: filler + capper, rinser + filler + capper.


This equipment provides the bottle rinsing prior to their filling. Rinsing nozzles are designed for this type of bottles to ensure the perfect rinsing of the bottle inner surface. Each fixing device is equipped with a module for bottle registration. While a bottle is on a rinsing place the liquid supply is opened to rinsing nozzles. Used liquid is drained out from the machine, and this allowes connecting of the equipment to the filtre circuit with a pump.


The bottle fillers operate either in gravimetric mode or mode of filling with adjustable vacuum in bottles which are filled. In case of the second mode of filling the foam removal from the bottleneck during filling process is simplified and so the productivity of the filling increases and highly accurate level filling is reached. The product, sucked into the vacuum tank, is overpumped back to the filler or to the technological section of product preparation.


According to customers demand the machine can be equipped with device for the screw closures or stoppers caping. To ensure high reliability of closures handling the capper is equipped with "Pick and Place" system.


The constructive and technological processing of particular parts of the machine corresponds with all requirements of hard hygienic standarts for cleaning and sanitation. The own filling system is ready for connecting to the closed CIP sanitary circuit. The tank and filling valves rinsing is ensured by removable CIP adapters through which the cleaning medium is drained onto the vacuum tank and then overpumped to the return CIP circuit. The filling valves design ensures easy and quick disassembly if visual check is necessary.


The machine can be equipped with appropriate control system for including the machine to the superior production control level including distance diagnostics of possible errors and failures.

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