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Rotary Piston Fillers VISCAL


Rotary Piston Fillers VISCAL

Machines for the volume filling of dense products (ketchups, mayonnaise, dressings, marinades, liquid broths, shampoos, liquid soaps)

VISCAL are the highly productive machines with the fully automatic device and a very easy maintenance. They are characterised by the high reliability, tough design and also by using of the latest facts concerning the development of the piston fillers. The constructive and technological processing of particular parts corresponds with all requests to the exacting sanitary standards.

The filling under the level or on the level is the principle of the VISCAL filling. That means, the filling passes from the bottom of the bottle when the bottle is going down at the same time. The speed of the bottle that is going down can be set easily by the pre-set of the curve track of the jacks regarding the speed of the filling.

The air cylinder controls the filling valve in dependence on the bottle presence under the valve. The valve is being blocked in the issue of the filling pipe due to the reduction of the foreshots.

The working cylinder - this component provides the exact product measuring and dosing into the bottle. The dose quantity can be changed from “0“ to the specified size of the used cylinders by the pre-set of the swing track that provides the lifting of the working cylinder. The dose setting can be done handy or electrically with the output on the machine display panel in dependence on the machine outfit. The sizes of the working cylinders are designed according to the customer requests.

The great attention is being paid to the machine cleaning and sanitation with respect to the viscosity and the character of the bottled products that are non-homogenous in many cases and that can also contain little stiff pieces of the additives. Due to this fact the machine conception satisfies all requests for the cleaning and the sanitation maximally. The own filling system is ready to be connected to the closed CIP sanitary circuit. The removable sanitary adaptors that drain the sanitary medium in the sanitation return piping provide the tank, working cylinders and filling valves rinsing. The construction of the filling valve enables the easy and the fast disassembling for the possible visual check.


  • Output setting by the frequency converter
  • Automatic output regulation in dependence on the bottle supply in front and behind the machine
  • Automatic machine control
  • Signalling of the operating conditions on the machine control panel

Design options
The fillers are produced as independent machines or in monoblock with the other units in following varieties: filler + capper, rinser + filler + capper. The device is supplied for the outputs to 15000 bottles per hour.

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