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Linear volumetric filler PLF


Linear filler PLF

Automatic linear filling machine for bottles where the filled volume is measured with an electronic flowmeter.

PLF are linear filling machines used for filling of liquids into bottles and containers with volumes 0.2 – 10 l. They can be used for filling of foodstuff products (syrup, edible oil, vinegar etc.) as well as cosmetics and chemical products (shampoos, cleaning liquids, antifreeze mixtures, brake fluids, oils, fertilizers etc.)

Fully automatic control, high precision of the dosed volume and easy operation ensure high efficiency of the operation. Speed range is 500 – 3 000 containers per hour

Machine functions

Bottles enter the machine on a plate conveyor. Bottles movement through the machine is ensured by pneumatically controlled stoppers. When the bottles come under the filling valves, they are centered and held in correct positions with a pneumatically controlled rake, subsequently their presence in correct positions is checked. After a drip tray slides aside, filling valves descend to the bottoms of the bottles, they are opened and filling is started. Simultaneously the filling valves start to ascend towards the bottle mouths. After the set dose is filled, each valve is closed individually by a pneumatic cylinder and filling valves are driven above the bottle mouths. The drip tray comes under the filling valves, bottles are exchanged and the cycle starts again.

Based on the character of the filled product (disposition to foaming etc.) the filling can be carried out as under surface or above surface.

 Machine construction

The construction of the machine meets the demands on high filling accuracy, easy and quick change for a different container size, quick change for a different product, long service life and machine reliability.

Machines are equipped with inductive or mass flowmeters based on the character of the product. Mass flowmeters are used for liquids with low conductivity, or in cases where the desired parameter of the filled product is its weight in the bottle.

The descend and ascend of the filling valves is controlled by a servomotor. Controlled speed of the movement of the filling valves together with controlled speed of the filling thanks to proportional valves allows for an optimized filling process in terms of capacity as well as in terms of mimimizing the risk of foaming in dependence on the product character and bottle shape.

 Machine setting for a different container size is very simple and quick thanks to the use of numeric indicators and fixed rulers. No special tools are necessary.

Filling process parameters are set on a touchscreen display and are then stored in the PLC of the machine for each product and bottle type.


Machine execution allows easy and intuitive operation on a colour touchscreen display incl. the possibility to set and store parameters for different products and container sizes.

Machine can be optionally equipped for integration into a superior control system used in the customer’s company, allowing data archiving, remote troubleshooting etc.

 Machine execution

Company ALTEC provides individual approach exactly according to the specific needs.of each customer and his requirements like filling of flammable liquids including acquirement of necessary certificates, filling of aggressive liquids, filling into bottles with inclined bottle mouth etc.

Fillers are produced either as individual machines or they can be equipped with additional machines of the filling like – unscramblers, cappers, labellers, packers offering a compact installation with common control and minimum requirement on operating staff.



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