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Machine for automatic filling of paste and gel substances PPH


Machine for automatic filling of paste and gel substances PPH

The machine for automatic filling of paste and gel substances with high viscosity and content of solid particules to the glass and plastic packings on food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The filler is constructed as a pneumatic machine with a piston dosing device and a rotary slide-valve which separate a suction from a discharge. Filling valves are pneumatically closed during the bottles exchange with simultaneous inflow of filled liquid to the valves. According to properties of substance, the filler can be delivered with plunging of the filling valves into bottles. The filled volume can be easily preset in the whole performance range without any demounting. An empty bottles input and full bottles shifting away are realized by means of a plate conveyer, a stepping is controlled by a bottle stop. There are sensors in front of and behind the filler which detect the supply of emty bottles and shifting away of full bottles.

It is possible to choose an equipment with 1, 2 or 4 filling stands depending on required filler output. The machine output depends on volume and properties of the filled substance. All parts of the filler contacting with filled substance can be easily disassembled and clean. The whole machine is manufactured from stainless steel and other, for health harmless, materials.

Basic technical data:

Output for 0.5 l volume (cyc.p.h)
cca 650
Filled volume (ml)
0 - 100
0 - 250
0 - 500
0 - 1000
Voltage (V)
3 x 400/50
Power supply (W)
Air consuption (m.cub.p.h.)
base (mm)
700 x 1200
height (mm)
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