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Rotary orientator SORTEC


Rotary orientator SORTEC

The equipment for the closures orientation and their loading to the bottle capper.

The SORTEC is powerful and reliable equipment intended for the closures handling and orientation. The equipment enables sorting of wide range of closures, in particular closures which can not be orientated using belt sorters. The sorter consists of an elevator with a hopper, which ensures the closures transportation onto the sorter.

Princip of function

The defined amount of closures are transported by the elevator onto the bin sorter on the inclined rotaring distributor with holes. The form of these holes corresponds to the closures form and this ensures proper closures orientation. The closures are guided from these holes to the outlet shoot and then to the cap chute. Incorrectly orientated closures which don’t match the holes, are blown down to bottom part of the sorting space.

Design options

The SORTEC sorters are designed for output up to 20,000 closures per hour. Each closure type must be equipped with interchangeable parts e.g. the distributor and outlet shoot. The cap sorter can be delivered as a part of a capping device or as a separate machine with own wiring including sensors in the cap chute.

The equipment lay-out

i.e. height and sorter placing, is designed with respect to the overall bottling line lay-out. The sorter and capper are connected using the cap chute. For precise functionality and sufficient cap delivery to the capping heads the cap chute must be inclined properly. Regarding to higher output of the cap sorter in comparison with bottle capper output the sorter is equipped with a sensor to monitor number of closures on the chute, and with drive automatics.

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