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Bottle unscramblers

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Automatic unscramblers for plastic bottles SL

The bottle rotary unscramblers with outlet to air conveyor.

Bottles are conveyed into a machine hopper by means of a belt conveyer in dependance on level in sorting space. A main part of the machine is assembled from a rotary cone with replaceable sorting boxes and replaceable positioning channels. Holes for the bottles in the sorting boxes are intended for bottle bottom orientation downwards. The bottles fall down from the sorting boxes into the positioning channels, placed on the rotary cone perimeter. Afterwards, an output star takes bottles out trom the positioning chanels. The output star is connected to a main drive using a cardan shaft. For simpler bottle moving into the boxes, there is a counter-rotating disc, installed inside the hopper, which is powered from an own drive. All functional and surface parts are made from stainless steel and resistant UHMW plastic. A supporting structure of the rotary cone and a frame are made from painted steel.

  • machine output adjustement by means of frequency converter
  • regulation of machine output depending on bottle supply behind the machine
  • machine automatic control
  • functional state signalled on the machine control panel

Basic technical data:

Type Machine output for circular PET bottles 1,5l (pcs./h) Air consumption 0,5 MPa (Nm3/h) Power supply (kW) Dimentions (without bottle elevator) Weight (kg)
base (mm) height (mm)
SL 10 3000 12 1,5 2200 x 1500 2300 850
SL 15 5000 16 2,0 2500 x 1750 2300 940
SL 20 7000 22 2,5 2800 x 2200 2500 1150
SL 28 11000 25 2,8 3200 x 2800 2700 1270
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